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The debate on whether is bad or good has not ended yet. Opponents of are mostly guided by moral religious points to argue their case. From a scientific and wellness stand, others argue that is actually a good thing. Provided the parties involved are consenting and of legal age, there is no exploitation, violence or offence to the decency of the parties, then, is just another form of entertainment just like a musical or a concert. has its benefits if it is looked at from an economic and social point, but opponents ignore these.

The adult film industry is a multibillion industry. Over fourteen billion dollars are made in this industry annually. Countless men and women who would otherwise be unemployed are employed by this industry. Jobs have become very hard to come by in the current economic times and all available jobs count. These people appreciate the money that they make from the industry although they agree that this is not their ideal job. can be viewed as an economic stimulus seeing all the economic benefits it comes with.

serves the purpose of educating people on sex Parents leave sex education of their children to schools mainly because most parents feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their children. The sex education that the children get from their teachers is also not the best. As a consequence we get kids that go through their puberty without proper sex education and as a result we get adults who are sexually inept and unhealthy sexually. can a good source of sex education for these adults. can help them satisfy the curiosity that they had through their teenage years.

also serves to boost libido and sexual health. Studies carried out on the effects of on the desire for sex has shown a positive correlation between sexual desire and watching. The University of California conducted one such studies and found out that the more one watches, the higher their sexual desire. It is also a safe industry to work in contrary to popular belief. Chances of a person contracting an STI like HIV while performing in the films are very rare. The industry is strictly regulated and testing for STIs and HIV as a routine is mandatory. Rare cases of exploitation and abuse has occurred but still the industry is much safer than most other professions. As a factor of wellness, watching has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress by countering the production of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress.

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