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Get Bad Credit Car Finance from a Dealership Latest statistics show that a lot of Americans do not have good credit. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t have good credit. If you don’t have god credit, you should not be ashamed of yourself. There are many reasons, some of which are beyond your control, that can lead to you having bad credit. If you want to purchase a car from a dealer, it is important to know whether you qualify for credit. Generally, dealers can offer you bad credit loans to allow you to own the vehicle you have always wanted. Below are some things you should find out before approaching a dealer to finance your bad credit car purchase. Get your Credit Report Before starting to shop for a car, you should find out your credit score. If you do not have great credit, there are still various ways in which can convince the dealer to finance your car purchase. If you do not know you have bad credit but the dealer knows, getting a great car deal can be difficult. The most profitable car deals are given to people with less than perfect credit.
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Are You a High Risk Borrower? What is the next step after getting your credit report? Based on your credit score, the dealer with classify you as either a prime or subprime borrower. Borrowers that are classified as prime are those whose credit score is above 680. Subprime borrowers are those with a credit score of below 680. In most cases, you won’t get the best deal from a dealership if you are a subprime borrower. This is usually the way dealers operate. However, this is not to say that a dealership should take advantage of you because you have poor credit.
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MSRP and Bad Credit: You Don’t Have to Pay the Full Price Some people who have bad credit get taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers. For instance, a dealer may indicate that the customer has to pay the full MSRP due to the bank’s regulation. This is a lie that you should not fall into. Generally, banks do not force the dealers to charge a specific amount of money for the vehicles they are selling. They most certainly wouldn’t require you to pay full sticker price. In fact, given that you have poor credit, the banks would want you to pay less. Financing Approval is Only for Extended Warranty This trick is one that dealers use. Uninformed customers with bad credit make dealers lick their lips with thoughts of crazy high profits. If a dealers is insisting that you purchase extended warranty in order to be approved for car finance, find another dealership. Keep the tips above in mind when going to apply for dealership financing.