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Weedtubers: Turning Habit into Profit

Posting a video on YouTube could earn you some serious cash. There have been some very interesting topics covered on YouTube, which have made the owners of such videos a lot of money. There is now an emergence of individuals called Weedtubers. They are those who are paid to shoot videos of themselves smoking weed and posting them online. We have a few of them who have made a lot of money through this.

Joel Hradecky’s fame has earned him the title of King of Weedtubers. The speed at which he has reached 1.2 million followers is impressive. On his YouTube channel, he has diverse videos posted covering the act of smoking weed. One of his posts had him trying to finish off some THC oil, which is very potent, and over 1.3 million people were watching. This led to another video if him coughing terribly after that attempt, which had over 1.5 million views. It it seems people like to see how others are suffering.
There is more to what he has to offer, apart from laughter and sorrow. He is ready to give people advice on which weed smoking aids to purchase, along with the best varieties.

You can get more information about marijuana through another Weedtuber called Josh Young. He is a more comprehensive resource on matters relating to weed. You will see him smoking weed many times a day, all the while inviting you to join him. On occasions, he will also post videos of the effects of smoking THC oil. He has over 373,000 followers.

Coral Reefer is a lady Weedtuber, who has a live show on Sundays, where she interacts with her subscribers by responding to their queries on weed and its various aspects. She tries to shoe how weed is beneficial to those who smoke. Her channel also showcases most of the cannabis events which she attends.

Jane Dro is a lady Weedtuber, who can be regarded as the library of weed. She will post videos of the weed growing process straight from her farm, to help her followers. She also reviews different marijuana strains.

Soundrone’s YouTube channel shows more than just smoking weed, but also how to handle the munchies. His video reviews extend further than smoking weed. The snacks and drinks that are consumed in the munchies are some of these products. Smoking weed is never neglected as he makes his videos. He has managed to be not just a Weedtuber, but an entrepreneur as well.

The genius of these Weedtubers is their ability to make money off their videos. You can feel inspired by these individuals. You may have an idea that will catch our attention and retain out interest.