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Taking A Leap of Faith

Almost every man who has ever been in love knows the fear of asking the ultimate question… Will you marry me? For hundreds, if not thousands of years, men all over the world have been dropping down on one knee and declaring their love to the women they desire. Safe to say that the pressure of such a significant moment in one’s life has barely gotten any easier to deal with. So many questions and concerns run through our minds when preparing to request our loved ones hand in marriage. What if they say no? What if they don’t like their engagement rings? Is it even the right time to do this? These thoughts can literally drive one mad, enough to the point where some even chicken out of ever asking. Proposing to the one you love is in all regards, a leap of faith and one must be as prepared to ask as they are to receive an answer.

Time & Place

When any woman (or man) tells the story of how their husband proposed to them, the setting of the proposal is always one of the primary details mentioned. It is a moment that both of you are going to remember for the rest of your lives and that includes where it took place. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a location that will resonate in the memory of your respective love interest for decades to come. Most people will simply state to take them somewhere romantic, but the definition of that word can vary widely depending on the person being proposed to. For instance, one person may find being asked at a sporting event to be what they always dreamed of, while another cringes at the thought of being put on the spot in front of millions of people. This is why it is crucial to actually know the individual you plan on proposing to. Pay attention to the difference between an environment they enjoy and an environment that captures their complete attention.

Choose the Right Ring

Engagement rings have the power to make or break any proposal. In a way, the ring is considered to be a direct correlation to how much you care about the person you wish to marry. You want to present your loved one with a ring that will immediately take their breath away. Casually take your partner to a jewelry store a couple of months beforehand and pay close attention to which rings catch their eye the most.

Stay Calm and Be Yourself

One of the last things you want to do before popping the big question is to show your partner any signs of nervousness. This can give away your entire agenda and the element of surprise is one of your greatest advantages. Instead, you must remain calm and focused on executing the proposal at the right moment. Be the person you always are around them especially now; acting out of character will only hurt your chances at getting the answer you wish to hear.