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Benefits of Online Counseling Online counseling refers to counseling services done through the internet and includes, for example, emails, web cameras and chat rooms. This style of counseling goes by numerous names such as tele-counseling, cyberspace counseling and e-therapy. It can be called whatever name, but one thing is for certain – it provides a good number of benefits. 1. It offers accessibility and convenience to therapist and client alike. Online therapy tears down barriers that may stop others from finding therapy. For example, those who reside in rural or remote areas may benefit from the online counseling accessibility. Those who are physically disabled or could not leave their home can also access such services easily. Web counseling has also proven to be effective in persuading children and teenagers to have therapy as they appear to be more relaxed using the internet. Undeniably, online therapy is very convenient. Therapist and client both have the convenience of communicating with each other, whenever and wherever. This also provides the therapist a chance to have more clients as appointments may be scheduled over 24 hours and the reach can be extended to a wider geographical region.
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2. It is more cost-effective.
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Web counseling is cheaper for both the therapist and the client. This is specifically helpful to therapists who would rather provide services from the comfort of their home, in turn making fees more affordable for clients. 3. It eliminates fear of social stigma. Online counseling also eliminates the social stigma that is generally associated with obtaining therapy. It provides the option of receiving counseling with complete privacy. 4. It encourages openness. Because of the absence of face to face contact, clients can feel more comfortable communicating openly without concerns about race, gender, age, physical appearance or size. This means the therapist can be more effective in his function. Sometimes, the relationship between a therapist and a client can fail when the latter holds back. And it can all be because he’s not comfortable in that relationship. 5. It encourages writing, which is helpful to healing. Based on research, writing in periods of distress is useful for clients because it is considered to offer a vital avenue for expression of emotions and healing in the process. Considering that online counseling is an interactive style of therapeutic writing, interventions delivered in this environment can be rather effective in encouraging clients to express themselves more deeply. There are things that people may be unable to speak with their mouth, but they can feel more comfortable writing about them. Of course, not all online therapists are created equal, and not everyone will be effective for all. It is thus very important to choose well.