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Game News Sites Get Ready for a Flood of Grand Theft Auto Information

Grand Theft Auto has long been one of the most successful game series of all, and that is not about to change anytime soon. The original Grand Theft Auto was a top-down game that afforded vast amounts of open-world freedom, an approach that allowed it to catch on even more quickly than its creators had hoped.

It was with the third installment that the series really broke out however, with the switch to three-dimensional graphics making all the difference. At game news sites everywhere, writers and fans are now awaiting word of what the next version of Grand Theft Auto will be like.

Worlds of Unparalleled Depth and Freedom

Each recent installment of Grand Theft Auto has sold tens of millions of copies, often bringing in billions in revenue within days of releasing. While the Grand Theft Auto games have come to seem a bit old-fashioned in certain respects, there is no denying that they retain an enduring, substantial level of appeal.

What players seem to enjoy most about these games is how there are always plenty of options. Instead of needing to stick to a carefully designed storyline at all times, Grand Theft Auto fans can do whatever might be most appealing at the moment.

In many cases, that means simply creating mayhem, an approach that the series has supported and encouraged since the beginning. Players who wish to slow things down a bit, though, can just as well follow up on tips they have come across while exploring the world.

That level of freedom and agency makes every Grand Theft Auto game feel special, no matter the setting or other particulars. With the most recent version of the game having included a fully fleshed-out multi-player component, the status quo has become even more impressive.

Players Eagerly Await Every Upcoming Tidbit of Grand Theft Auto News

As a result, anticipation is higher than ever about what the next version of Grand Theft Auto will look like. Many experts expect that the sixth version of the game will be released on an upcoming generation of consoles. Beyond that, though, details have been scarce, with only tiny little teasers making their way out to the media.