Choose Granite Memorial Designs To Honor Loved Ones

One way to honor a loved one who has died is to purchase them a nice headstone. Granite Memorial Designs can be very beautiful. Choosing the right company to provide a headstone makes a difference. A monument lasts for decades and needs to be made well so it looks good. Granite is a good stone to use. There are many colors to choose from. The headstone can be for one person or have places for other family members in the future.

Headstone Design

The budget may determine the size and shape of the memorial the family can purchase. The cemetery where the grave will be located may also have size and design restrictions. A monument company that is familiar with the cemetery in question will be able to advise the family. Some families purchase a larger memorial when the first member of a couple dies. Then they put information about the deceased on one side and the partial information on the partner on the other side. When the second person dies, the remaining information can be added.

Information On the Headstone

A headstone can have the family name on it in large letters and individual members listed in smaller letters below it. Families can choose to have a person’s name and dates of birth and death. Larger monuments might also include a message or favorite saying. Memorial stones can also have decorative designs etched into them such as flowers, crosses, or other designs.

Grass Markers

Some families choose to purchase a smaller, flat granite grass marker. These markers are good for families with small budgets or in cemeteries that want low profile markers for easier maintenance. They take less space and there is no worry about them being knocked over. Grass markers can be for an individual or both members of a couple just like upright granite headstones.

The family of a person being buried should always choose a memorial company that will design and make the marker or headstone and install it on the grave in an approved manner. Be sure to proofread the information to make sure the name is spelled correctly and the dates are accurate. If a mistake is made, it is hard to correct once the memorial has been installed.