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Luxury wedding venues

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If you’re newly engaged and planning your perfect day, you may be starting to think about venues. Finding just the right location is an art, and there may be questions that need asking that you haven’t thought of before, so here’s our guide to what to remember when you’re looking for your luxury wedding venue.

Exclusive Hire

To make your special day genuinely all about your commitment to each other, choose a venue which will give you exclusive hire. It means that the staff can concentrate on your wedding and that your guests can relax in the knowledge that everyone around them is now family. It means that you’ll never be left wondering who that person was stood next to Auntie Madge, just because someone got confused and wandered into the wrong wedding party!

Bridal Suite

It makes the whole day a lot easier if the bride has a room that she and her attendants can retire to and prepare themselves for the wedding. Many venues will offer you a room or suite to do this. It means that any last-minute panics happen close enough to the venue not to make you late. No getting stuck in traffic or cars breaking down – you just have to get dressed and walk down the hall to start your new life.

Get Some Help

Look for a venue that has wedding planners or event coordinators, who can take a lot of the stress off your hands. These are the people who …