A Headstone Engraver Can Help With Honoring the Memory of a Special Person

When a loved one has passed away, it may be hard to go through each day without thinking about them. One way to help with the loss is to create a memorial that will honor that life that was lived. By using carefully chosen words and pictures, a custom headstone can help a beloved individual’s memory to live on. It can also help friends and family to find closure. An experienced Headstone Engraver can bring the words and pictures to life by permanently etching them into metal or stone so that all who visit the graveside can understand how loved this individual was.

Timing is Everything

Since the inscription engraved on a headstone will be around for a very long time, a lot of thought should go into planning it. It’s a good idea to wait until after the funeral before ordering a headstone so that it can be thoughtfully composed in a way that honors the memory of the one who has passed on. Once sandblasted in stone, an inscription becomes the final epitaph for the person buried beneath it. Therefore any changes or corrections should be done during the final proofreading before the engraving begins.

What to Include

When making the decisions for what will go on a headstone, there are a few basics that should be included. A person’s name, birth date, and date of death are usually standard on a headstone. To customize it even further, a favorite saying or verse, a special message, a nickname, or even a picture, can be added.


Before any plans are started for a headstone or monument, it’s important to check with the cemetery where it will be going to see what is allowed. Some places have height, size, or other restrictions, while others have none at all. If any specific guidelines or restrictions do exist, they should be taken into consideration during the planning stage to avoid problems later on.

Finding closure is a crucial part of healing after a loved one dies. A customized headstone can help a family to find peace while honoring a very special person at the same time.